Grant funds

Grant funds to go further, faster

We like to experiment, trial, learn, and when we land on a success, we scale. Grant funds are one way we do this, and we've given over £3.3 million of grant funding so far. We join the dots between start-ups and community groups who need funding to trial new innovations or scale successes, and businesses looking to fund innovation and community activity. It’s how we grew our first Community Fridge to a network of over 450 across the UK, redistributing 1.4 tonnes surplus food per month.

Have a browse at some of our grant funds below and get in touch if you’re looking to fund new innovations or scale impact within communities.

Everything we do should be accessible, transparent and collaborative and our grant giving is no different.

We’re signed up to IVAR’s Flexible Funding commitments. That means wefund in an open and trusting way, to make life easier for people who apply for and receive our grants

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