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New grant fund open for community food hubs!

Have a great idea for bringing your community together around food?

Community fridges are spaces that bring people together to share food, meet up, learn new skills and prevent fresh food from going to waste. There are over 450 fridges across the UK (and counting!).

We know that many community fridges want to do more, and so in partnership with Starbucks this autumn, Hubbub is offering £7,000 (per group) in funding for up to 50 groups to develop additional food initiatives.

What is the funding for?

The funding aims to support the development of new activities at your community fridge relating to cooking, growing, budgeting and using surplus food that fit into one of four themes:

  1. Skills

    To up-skill your community and raise awareness of sustainable, affordable, and heathy living. 

    Think workshops and events, cookbooks or how-to-guides, repair cafes, skill-shares or a library of things.

  2. Affordable food

    To try out new ways to increase access to local and affordable food. 

    Think food cooperatives, food box schemes or food markets.

  3. Community connection

    To provide opportunity for the community to come together around shared food. 

    Think community meals, coffee and chats, youth activities, and recipe shares.

  4. Growing

    To support community growing and increase the amount of edible food grown and shared locally. 

    Think community gardens, greening projects and seed or plant sharing.

Applications close on the 9th of October, 11.59pm
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