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Down To Earth is the Hubbub podcast. Across two series we give airtime to different environmental topics to understand more about them, how they’re linked to the climate emergency and what we can do. Each episode reflects what we’ve learnt over the years through our projects; that what's good for the environment is normally good for people too, whether that’s breaking down barriers to cycle more, swapping clothes, sharing food or gifting your old smartphone.

In series one, we passed the mic to grassroot activists and communities working hard to make long-lasting change by improving social and environmental issues in their local areas.

The second series, which is hot off the presses this year, is all about fashion. It looks at the clothes we wear and the impact they have on the world around us, bringing together designers, experts and change makers who unpick why our wardrobes aren’t working for us and the planet. 

Both series have brilliant stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things across community work, innovation, and activism. Incredible people who will change your mind about what’s possible, and show how change adds up.

Practical and accessible notes on tackling the environmental crisis made interesting! Thank goodness for this podcast!

- Gemma Cairney

Ready to be inspired? Tune in:

1. It's Not That Radical: with Mikaela Loach

2. Talking Threads: with Dr Michiel Scheffer

3. Fashion Reimagined: with Amy Powney

4. Make Do and Mend: with Layla Sergent

5. Fair Fashion Book Club: with Shado Mag

6. Emotional Durability: with Dr Mila Burcikova

7. Community Couture: with Aniela Fidler Wieruszewska

8. Rental Revolution: with Lucy Hall

9. Fashion Forward: what’s next for the industry?

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