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What's the problem with peat?

Peat is an organic material found in wetlands like swamps and bogs, and left in its natural state, it's a carbon-absorbing superhero. It can store more than twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests (UNEP), as well as being home to rare species of wildlife.

When it's dug up to be used in commercial composts, peat becomes damaged and the carbon it stores is released. Damaged peatlands currently make up almost 6% of global CO2 emissions (IUCN).

What can we do? This action is easy peat-sy, simply swap your compost to peat-free, and you could save around 25kg of carbon for each large bag. No extra effort needed other than reading the label in the shop (make sure it actually says 'peat free'), as it's widely available, not largely different in price point, and works all the same. Another alternative to buying peat compost would be starting your own compost at home with food scraps and other natural garden materials! 

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Luckily the government is phasing out peat by 2024, but we can still contact our MPs about the need to restore damaged peatlands. Check out our email template to do this here. In the meantime, let your green thumbed friends or local gardening centre know about the issue too.

What happened when Hubbub tried it?

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