Hubbub's Breakfast Series

What’s this all about?

83% of people in the UK are worried about climate change (BEIS, 2022), but most are unclear what they can do about it. There’s a huge opportunity for businesses, local authorities and the third sector to raise awareness, change behaviours and build appetite for everyone to make choices that are good for the environment.

Join us for a series of breakfast events with expert panellists who'll unravel how to engage the public and change behaviours around sustainability. Each snappy-50 minute session will be full of great insights and actionable tips. They're virtual, free and open to everyone.

Upcoming sessions:

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Catch up on past sessions via the recordings below.

13th September

Want to learn more about the design thinking behind viral sustainability campaigns such as Hubbub's Big Ballot Bin? Whether it’s inspiring people to embrace reuse, repair more or waste less food, design plays a critical role in making sustainable behaviours feel possible and appealing.

So, what does great design look like, what difference can it make and where do you start? Catch up on the discussion between:

  • Alex Robinson: CEO, Hubbub
  • Carol Feeley: Executive Creative Director, Innocent Drinks
  • Tom Tapper: Co-Founder & CEO, Nice & Serious
  • Eric Saldanha: Creative Partner – Design, Hubbub

6th December

Want to know the secret sauce behind successful behaviour change campaigns? Join us to explore why insights are so crucial, how to uncover them, and how to transform them into laser-focused campaigns that inspire action.

That's where insights come in. Understanding what makes people tick is the key to crafting effective sustainability campaigns that inspire them to make eco-friendly choices, whether it's powering their homes, feeding their families, or shopping for new stuff.

Join us to learn how to gather and harness insights to drive game-changing behaviour-change campaigns.

  • Alex Robinson: CEO, Hubbub
  • Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh MBE: Director, Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations
  • Toby Park: Head of Energy & Sustainability, The Behavioural Insights Team
  • Jess Wiles: Head of Projects, Hubbub

13th March

You might have heard of 'net zero' and the 'circular economy', but would you feel confident explaining them to a friend? Successful sustainability campaigns need to ditch the green-speak and communicate clearly.

Join us to explore how to use simple, straightforward language – and a sprinkle of creativity – to inspire action that’s good for the environment.

  • Alex Robinson: CEO, Hubbub
  • Sam Sutaria: CEO, WaterBear
  • David Hayman: Campaign Director, Make My Money Matter
  • Rosie Gordon Lennox: Head of Brand, Hubbub

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