Community Nature Fund

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Community Nature Fund

We are launching the Community Nature Fund to support groups connecting people with and in nature. We're looking to improve access to green spaces to address green inequality, especially in urban areas; as well as support communities become more resilient and able to respond to local environmental and social needs.

We know a fostering a relationship with nature can be a powerful catalyst for climate action, and we are looking to fund projects that are committed to engaging visitors on wider climate issues and that benefit the wider community.

We are offering 13 groups up to £5,000 of funding to create or maintain community nature projects.

Projects should be:

  • Community-led
  • Publicly accessible
  • Committed to reaching new audiences outside of the usual ‘green bubble’

What's the funding for?

  1. Increasing access to nature

    To bring green space to an area where there is limited access to nature, e.g., by creating or enhancing a community garden or a green roof. This could also be encouraging a particular demographic who might not access an existing green space.

  2. Bringing people together

    To bring people together and create community connection in and around a shared green space. Think activities like community growing, plant sharing, coffee and chats, or youth activities.

  3. Upskilling the community

    To teach community members new skills and encourage health and wellbeing through spending time in green space. Think workshops and/or events taking place in green spaces, how-to guides on increasing nature connection, or training around nature-based activities.

  4. Climate resilience

    To make an existing space more climate resilient and engage the local community on climate issues. Think changes to buildings and urban spaces that increase resilience to heatwaves, drought, coastal flooding, or sea-level rise, while creating community connection in the green space.

We'll invite successful applicants to shape and join our Community Nature Network - launching this summer. This network will provide grassroots community nature projects with a platform to amplify their impact and share best practice. It will offer funding, guidance, templates, and peer-to-peer support for community groups who wish to establish new or improve existing green space.

Before applying, make sure you read our terms and conditions.

Applications close on Thursday 14th March
Apply now

*Projects who have been successful in securing funding through our Nature Hubs fund won't be eligible for this one.

The Community Nature Fund is supported by the Bentley Foundation. The upcoming Community Nature Network is supported by the Bentley Foundation and the Wates Family Enterprise Trust.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out Breaking Ground to learn about how we're supporting communities to create positive social and environmental change in their local neighbourhoods, on their own terms.

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