Trewin Restorick announces plans to step down as CEO of Hubbub

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Trewin Restorick announces plans to step down as CEO of Hubbub

By Trewin Restorick 20th January, 2022

After eight years of dedicating my working life to creating and building Hubbub, I have decided it is time to move on and head to pastures new. One of the greatest challenges facing Founders is knowing when the right time is to step away. Having created three enterprises, I am hopefully starting to get the hang of it!

I am intensely proud of what Hubbub has achieved. I honestly think it has pioneered new approaches to environmental campaigning, something that has been recognised through a plethora of awards including ‘Charity of the Year’ in 2020.

There have been a few stand-out moments when I have thought wow, this has achieved far more than I could have ever imagined back when Hubbub was just a hazy concept swirling around my mind with no funding or identity. They have included the bravery of the Co-op to drop their traditional Christmas TV advert and instead feature the Community Fridge Network in a live December slot during Coronation Street. Seeing how the good citizens of Denmark used our Ballot Bin to make clear their disdain for President Trump’s suggestion that he should buy Greenland, and most importantly of all seeing the delight on my children’s faces when the PolyMer recycling plastic fishing punt was featured on ‘Grace’s Amazing Machines’ on CBeebies.

Campaigns such as Community Fridges and Community Calling demonstrate that you can deliver environmental benefits whilst supporting people facing hardship. The Ballot Bin and Plastic Fishing have illustrated the power of brilliant design combined with proven behaviour change techniques. Our corporate partnerships with companies such as IKEA, Starbucks and Virgin Media O2 have created long-term change at scale. Most rewardingly I have been privileged to work with astonishing people who I have seen flourish, grow and develop capable of creating and delivering brilliant campaigns.

Deciding to move on from such an incredible organisation at a time when it is growing and delivering even greater impact has been difficult. But it is never healthy having a Founder hang around for too long. As organisations develop different skills are needed to take things to scale. A fresh set of eyes can find new opportunities and enhance different ways of working. Hubbub is in a fantastic place to embrace this potential, it has an experienced board, a great leadership team, fantastic employees, a solid financial position and some amazing corporate partnerships.

On a personal level, despite having the honour of winning a Global Good Leader Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Business Green, I do not intend to invest in slippers and rocking chair. I instead plan to create a new enterprise, details of which will be revealed later in the year. This will further add to the impact of Hubbub, opening new opportunities for the charity to develop whilst also pushing boundaries to hasten the changes that we must see to address the environmental and social challenges of the climate crisis.

Obviously, my departure opens the role of CEO at Hubbub and if you are interested in this position more details can be found below. I want to ensure that the transition to a new leader is as smooth as possible so will be around to help whoever secures the job for as long as is required - without stepping on toes and cramping their style.

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to all the people I have met whilst working at Hubbub. There is a growing movement of passionate people determined to fight climate change, address environmental injustices and move the world onto a sustainable path. I am sure that between us we can achieve this essential transition.

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