Secondhand Santa

Four office workers wearing colourful 80s clothing stand in an office decorated for Christmas. From left to right: an older gentleman in a shirt and tie, the office boss, holds a gift and looks at the other three; a woman in her 30s shrugs at the camera and rolls her eyes; a man in his late 30s looks at the boss in a confused way, while laughing; a young woman laughs while looking at the other three.
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Secondhand Santa

Across the nation we spent a whopping £280 million on Secret Santa gifts for our colleagues last year. Two thirds of people said their gifts were no good, and some didn’t even take their gifts home from the party!

Nobody wants to be mugged off at Christmas. So we’re challenging offices all over the country to swap the generic mugs for something a bit different and try Secondhand Santa with your colleagues this year.

No more off-license wine from Steve in accounting, this year embrace pre-loved and homemade gifts. More sustainable, more thoughtful, and cheaper too.

It’s so-oh-oh easy to make a small change with big impact. You just need to run your secret santa as normal but ask people to swap out their usual gifts for something homemade or pre-loved! Think charity shop treasures, homemade edible treats, experiences... A small change that we hope will see less tat and more treasures gifted this Christmas, saving gifts from landfill.

Ready to sleigh with a pre-loved Christmas? We've got you covered with handy templates, assets and designs - everything you need to invite Secondhand Santa to your party.

The resource pack is hibernating until 2024. Still looking for more sustainable gift ideas? Check out our tips.

Did you take part in Secondhand Santa this year? We'd love to hear all about it. 

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