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Got lots of clothes but still nothing to wear? We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s tempting to drop a few quid on a last-minute online order instead of finding a fresh fit with what you already own. But chances are you’ve got some good threads hanging in your wardrobe already. On average we own 118 items of clothing and more than a quarter of our clothes haven’t been worn in over a year (WRAP). 

Curious to know how much untapped potential there really is in your wardrobe? 

Enter the Off The Hanger counter to help you reorganise, restyle and rewear your wardrobe. It's a great way to dig out hidden gems, put together some new fits, and save some cash. Simply answer the questions, count up your clothes, and you’ll find out how much you own, what it’s worth, and even get a personalised wardrobe reading at the end.

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Top tips for making the most of your wardrobe

  • Organise clothes into groups so you can keep track of where things actually are. For example:
    - Types of use: work, comfort, sport, going out.
    - Colour palettes: neutrals, pastels, blues
    - Types of clothing: long-sleeved, short-sleeved, knit, jeans,
    - Seasons: warmer and colder
  • Not sure what to keep? Try this trick. Move clothes to a different area as you wear them. For example, to a different shelf or the other side of the wardrobe, and over time you'll see which items have moved and what you're actually wearing the most.
  • Learn what you love. What are the clothes you rotate the most and why do you love them so much? When you're going through your current clothes, ask yourself if you need them, when you wore them last and when you'll wear them again. Choosing clothes you know suit you and make you feel amazing means you’re likely to wear them more often and take better care of them. 
  • Buy things you know you'll wear. We’re gonna say it again. Buy👏 Things👏 You👏 Know👏 You'll👏 Wear👏. Loads of stuff with the tags still on? Learn from your past fashion faux pas, don’t buy the trousers that don’t button up or the ‘it’ dress if it doesn’t do ‘it’ for you.
  • Break up with fast fashion. Unsubscribe from the emails, unfollow them, take them off your bookmarks. The next time you get the urge to buy something new try shopping your own wardrobe first, then hitting the second-hand shops or rental apps.
  • If you've got items you're sure you'll no longer use, you can give your best pieces to the aptly named Give Your Best, a social enterprise that allows refugees to shop for free. For other pieces, here are some more ways to pass them on sustainably
  • Get creative and check out the trends for inspiration. TikTok is great at showing how it’s done.
  • Re-think the way you wear things. Don’t get restricted by the way you normally wear a piece. Try shirts off the shoulder, tied instead of buttoned, or with a loose neck tie.
  • Get layering! Try an extra top under/an extra shirt over a usual outfit and if you’re not sure how, start by matching similar prints or colours together.
  • Mis-match (there are no rules). Wear differing styles, street wear with office wear, something silk with something sporty, the combinations are endless
  • Accessories are everything! An outfit can be totally changed with hats, jewellery, bags, sunglasses, etc.
  • Keep fresh fits happy and lasting longer. Try these five clever laundry tips, they'll help you save water too.
  • Patch items up and make them feel brand new again. Repairing or making alterations is a great way to keep your love of an item stronger for longer. For difficult mending try visiting a local tailor or dry cleaners.
  • Got an item that’s beyond repair and can’t be worn? No need to bin it – recycle it instead. You can find where to recycle clothing and textiles locally at Recycle Now.

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