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Make your own pride merch

Pride month marks the anniversary of the famous Stonewall riots in America. Many marches take place across the year in the UK, and Pride month is a time for celebration, remembrance and showing pride. Whilst the UK has come far in the civil rights movements for LGBTQ+ people, many countries around the world lag behind.

Before you rush to buy new pride merch to proudly show your colours, we’ve pulled together some tips and tricks for ways to enjoy pride month in a way that’s better for the planet, sourced responsibly, and better for your bank account.

These tips are part of something bigger. At Hubbub, we want to see a world where everyone makes choices that are good for the environment. Check out what we do and how your actions add up.

1) Natural glitter and face paint

We’re still finding glitter in places from last we understand that it can be considered a staple for any pride look. However, many glitters are made from plastics which can have a devastating impact on our environment, ending up in our oceans as microplastics. No need to be salty, you can make homemade glitter with just salt and food colouring to create a natural and biodegradable sparkle. More into facepaint? You can make your own using cornflour, food dye, and moisturiser – who knew?

2) Knots and knits

These friendship bracelets are an easy win to add a statement and splash of colour to your outfit for the whole month. You can make them in minutes and all you need is some coloured thread. Experiment with the different colours of the pride flags and don’t just stick to your wrists, tie them on ankles, bags, and share them with all your friends as gifts!

Can do those knots with your eyes closed? Why not test your knitting or crochet skills? Both are quick to learn and can be used create one of a kind unique pride merch. From a coffee-cup cosy to a headband – grab your friends, throw a movie on in the background and make them learn with you.

3) 'Try' dye

No need to buy a new T-shirt every year, and never need to worry about showing up in the same outfit! Try printing on an old t shirt to customise it. You can use fabric paint (or some people swear by using acrylic mixed with a medium such as liquidex) to add colours to your old clothes. Use a brush or even your hands to add different patterns to the shirt. Alternatively, you could experiment with tye-dye to go even bolder. Voila – a one of a kind sustainable pride outfit made from something you already owned. Need more ideas for your fit? Here are 10.

4) Go digital

As more and more of our world moves online, it’s an easy win to add a splash of colour to your profiles. Use zoom virtual backgrounds to place yourself at the heart of last year’s pride march, change your phone background and update your banners or profile pictures on social media with a filter. Reshare your photos from last year and spend time going through memories with your friends online. The virtual possibilities are endless and of course, it’s completely free.

5) Reuse your rainbows

Remember your first Pride? Don't leave your rainbows gathering dust in the closet, dig them out, show them some love, and give them a new lease of life. It’s super easy to make simple repairs at home, and looks can be changed or modified easily by changing accessories or making some easy modifications. Take some time to dig into the back of your wardrobe and rediscover what you already have.

Would you be proud to do more? 

Check out our tips for change for plenty more simple ideas for living sustainably. 

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