Get the most chocolate from your egg this Easter

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Get the most chocolate from your egg this Easter

In the UK, we buy 80 to 90 million chocolate eggs each year at Easter, making up 10% of our annual chocolate spending. Yet gram for gram, chocolate eggs are priced much higher, and over the years have been getting consistently smaller and more expensive.

A quarter of an easter egg box is typically just packaging. Overall, Easter eggs create more than 8,000 tonnes of plastic, card and foil packaging, which costs millions to process and recycle, or often ends up in landfill.

Want to get more chocolate than cardboard this year? Here are some tips to get the most chocolate for your money, and creative ways to use it all up too.

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Don’t be fooled by a big box, it’s what inside that counts. Keep an eye out for plastic free boxes or lighter packaging to choose a less wrapped up egg, and find the most chocolate for your money.

Chocolate is chocolate, right? Yes an egg is an infinitely more fun shape than a bar, but priced higher gram for gram, you could always just buy your favourite brand in its usual form to get more chocolate for your money.

If just buying bars seems too boring, buy some and level them up by making your own treats. You could get creative with an egg mould to design personalised chocolate eggs, hide sweets or notes inside, or make it an activity for the kids.

We all know how hard it is to rewrap an easter egg in its foil. Once opened, half wrapped in foil or left in its cardboard box, it can go old and dry faster. Store your eggs in an airtight container to make sure it stays chocolate-y fresh while you work your way through it.

Yes, sometimes it happens. If there happens to be eggs leftover, and you’re bored of eating it in egg shape, here are 3 easy ways to melt it into something else to make sure it goes to good use.

  • Make a DIY fondue by melting leftover in a pan/the microwave. Dip in fruit (if you need some nutrients) or marshmallows (if you don't).
  • Melt your chocolate into a mug of plant milk for a decadent hot chocolate.
  • Add broken bits and bobs into your morning bowl of oats.

Want to get more creative with leftover chocolate? Try out these recipes to level up from leftover shards of chocolate to a whole dessert. Try this three-ingredient chocolate truffle, or this easy chocolate mousse

An easy one, make sure all that wrapping goes in the right bin. When the eggs are polished off, cardboard boxes can be recycled with paper, clean tin foil can be scrunched in a ball to recycle, and hard plastic shells might be possible (check packaging and local council rules).

Boiling up some real eggs? Save the cooking water. Once cooled, it makes an enriched treat for your plants!

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