Find Your Oooh, Without the Moo

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Find Your Oooh, Without the Moo

Do you like it hot, steamy, and, well... kind of oaty? We’re talking about plant milk, silly.

Whether you’re already trying it with your local barista, or you’ve never even flirted with the idea, we’re here to remind you that switching things up can be... surprisingly satisfying.

From creamy oat milk to silky soy, plant milks are super smooth in your morning brew. Plus, oat, almond and soy milk generate at least 68% fewer planet warming emissions than dairy milk, so you can feel good about that too. Ready to find your ‘oooh’ without the moo? Try plant milk in your next drink.

Hang on, how do you milk an oat anyway?

Been flirting with plant milk?

If you’ve been flirting with plant milk, make your move! Find out if oat floats your boat, you’ve been seduced by soy or you’d go all in for almond – they’re surprisingly satisfying. Plus, did you know that oat, almond and soy generate at least 68% fewer planet warming emissions than dairy milk? And oooh, doesn’t that feel good!

There are lots of different plant milks out there, so you might need to experiment to find your favourite. Give it a go, and another go, til it feels just right.  

It all starts with a drink... Plant milks can play a part in plenty more ways than your coffee and tea. If you’re thirsty for more, check out these 10 ways to use plant milk.

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10 best ways to use plant milk

If you’re ready for a new frothy fling, plant milks like oat, almond and soy work great in cooking and can be substituted in all kinds of recipes, sweet and savoury.

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