Cup, bottle, lunch box

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Cup, bottle, lunch box

What’s your hack to remember yours?

Ever get to the cafe and realise your reusable cup is hiding at the back of your cupboard? Or arrive at work empty-handed with your lunch still sitting in the fridge at home? We know the feeling. Yet to reduce waste and save money, reusables are worth remembering, but that's often the hard part right?

Want to save money and reduce waste?

Break-cup with single-use

Each year in the UK, we get through over 3 billion single use coffee cups (WRAP), almost 8 billion plastic water bottles (The Environmental Audit Committee), and 11 billion items of lunch packaging (Hubbub) - those are some massive numbers. While bringing your own reusables sounds like a simple enough solution, it’s easier said than done - recent Hubbub polling revealed that 32% of people intend to use reusables but don’t have it with them, at least once a week.

Worth remembering

By making your own lunch and grabbing your reusable cup and water bottle before heading out the door, you’ll waste less and save money. 50p saved on coffee in a reusable cup? Yes please. Lunch on-the-go costing twice as much as making it ourselves? No thanks.

So how can we make it easier to remember our reusables? We’ve all got those funny little hacks to help us remember the essentials, like your passport before going on holiday, or the keys/wallet/phone check before leaving the house. Why not do the same to remember your cup, bottle and lunch box?

What’s your hack?

With funding from Ecosurety, Bunzl and Starbucks, our new digital campaign in London, Bristol and Glasgow targets commuters, who are most likely to be buying food and drink in single-use packaging while on-the-go. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the benefits of using reusables, normalise their use and make people more likely to remember them. From practical hacks to more extreme methods, we hope the campaign sticks in commuters’ minds and shows a few ways that reusables can fit into our everyday routines.

Ready to choose reuse?

We've all got something at home we can use, so it’s time to dig out that cup, put your water bottle in your shoe or set 100 reminders on your phone to remember your lunch, whatever works for you.

  • Share the video on social media and ask people what their hack is to remember the essentials?
  • Download the Refill app to see where you can refill your coffee cup, water bottle and lunch box
  • Check out these tips for your workplace to encourage more people to use reusables

Keen to cut down on plastic?

Single-use wrappers, cups and containers can really stack up – that's why we’ve sorted through the noise to give you this 6-step guide on how to make reuse on the go easy.

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