Tracking your fridge's success 

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Tracking your fridge's success

Keeping tabs on how well your community fridge is doing is really important. It helps you, your team and your visitors see the good you’re doing, identify where you can make things better, and shows potential funders how great your community fridge is too.

In the ‘Getting started’ toolkit, we mentioned the idea of a mission or vision. This is your north star which guides everything you do – whether it's reducing food waste or improving the nutritional skills of your community, this mission is central to everything you do. Tracking your fridge's success will help you understand whether you’re on the right track to achieving your mission and will help you understand what areas to focus on.

Top tips 

Embrace digital tools: Consider using tools like Excel or Google Sheets for recording data, offering a clear view of your fridge’s impact.

Keep your team in the loop:
Regular updates can motivate your team, reminding them of the valuable role they play in the community's well-being.

Someone inputting information into a data sheet at a community fridge.
Someone sorting through a pile of bananas at a Community Fridge.

The power of sharing your story

Sharing your fridge's story and its effects on the community can be a real inspiration for others. Not only can it encourage local support, but it can also boost your fundraising efforts. We call these stories 'case studies' and find that they are one of the best ways of highlighting the positive change you’re bringing to the community.

How can you collect this information?

  • Feedback forms or surveys: Simple questionnaires for visitors can provide valuable insights.
  • Logbook: Maintain a daily or weekly record of the food shared.
  • Digital tools: Use a tablet or phone to capture moments, like photos or videos, that tell your fridge’s story. Remember to always collect photo consent forms.

The key is to make this part of your everyday routine. By doing so, sharing the impact of your fridge becomes a simple, ongoing process rather than a daunting task. This way, you'll always have fresh stories and data to share with your community and beyond.

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It's up to you, but many fridges find a weekly or monthly routine manageable and effective.

Don't worry. Just pick up from where you left off. Consistency is key, but there will always be times when things don't go to plan.

Your fridge impact data can inform your operations, motivate your team, attract more visitors, and strengthen grant applications or fundraising campaigns.

Ready to partner up?

Now you're ready to track your fridge's success, it's time to find out how you can work with local partners.