Growing your fridge 

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Growing your fridge

You've done a fantastic job getting your community fridge up and running, and it's already making a difference! Now, the exciting next step: expanding and enhancing the positive impact of your fridge. Here's a roadmap to guide you in this next chapter:

Top tip

Stay connected with the Hubbub community through its newsletter and events page. Not only will you get updates on free workshops but also hear about all the wonderful food hub activities taking place across the nation.

1. Innovate and brainstorm

  • Waste wonders: Concoct unique and fun ways to further reduce food waste in your community. Maybe a monthly ‘cook-off’ using fridge items?
  • Engage more: Perhaps organise themed weeks like 'Veggie Week' or 'Bake Off Week' to engage the community and make use of surplus food.

2. Shout about your success

  • Tell your story: Share the journey and the results of your community fridge on various platforms, letting people know of the positive change happening.

3. Secure your future

  • Fundraising fun: Consider organising events, from bake sales to quizzes, ensuring your fridge remains funded and flourishing.
  • Grants and sponsorships: Look into local grants or businesses that might sponsor or support your initiative.

4. Enhance and expand

  • More than just a fridge: Think about introducing related activities like cooking classes, food-growing workshops, or even composting tutorials.
  • Community feedback: Gather suggestions from regular visitors about other services or additions they'd like to see.

5. Continuous learning

  • Community fridge network-ing: Connect with other community fridge groups to exchange stories, insights, and best practice.
  • Stay inspired: Regularly check out stories from other successful fridges, ensuring you remain motivated and informed.


Hosting events, workshops, or themed weeks can stir interest. Also, consider partnering with local schools or businesses for events or drives.

Growth depends on resources, space, and community engagement. It's essential to expand sustainably, ensuring the core purpose remains intact. For inspiration on what’s possible check out our case studies. 

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