Where to recycle batteries

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Where to recycle batteries

There might be something important stashed in your junk drawer... we have a whopping 178 million used batteries estimated to be sitting in UK homes!

Household batteries contain ‘heavy’ metals including lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, manganese and lithium which are valuable and can be reused when collected in the right way. They can't go in household bins as when they’re sent to landfill, the chemicals can leak out and pollute our soil and waterways, or even cause fires! Luckily, battery collection points are available in most supermarkets, schools and offices. Currently only 45% of batteries are brought back for recycling, here are 3 easy steps to bring back your heavy metal.

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#BringBackHeavyMetal by digging out your used household batteries and bringing them back to be recycled.

1) Dig out

Where are your batteries hiding? In every home, there is a drawer, a cupboard or a remote control where used and discarded batteries linger. Go on a search through your house and dig out all your used batteries.

2) Locate

Find your local battery drop off point.

3) Drop off

#BringBackHeavyMetal by dropping your old batteries in a collection point.

Top tip: It’s easy to forget so give your future self a nudge. Keep your old batteries next to your shopping bags, or set a reminder on your phone.

Find out more at www.bringbackheavymetal.co.uk


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