Branding your fridge 

Four people having their photograph taken outside a Community Fridge site in Wythenshawe, Manchester.
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Branding your fridge

Ever wondered how to make your community fridge look and feel more than just a fridge? Branding is the answer. It's the heartbeat and face of your initiative, shaping how your community sees and feels about it. This page aims to explain the term 'branding', guiding you through its importance, key elements, and the resources available to help you along the way.

What is ‘Branding’ and why is it important?

Branding is like giving your community fridge a personality and a look that people can easily recognise and connect with. Just as a person might be known for their friendly smile or a particular hat they always wear, a community fridge's branding helps it stand out and be remembered in a community. Here's a simple breakdown:

Identity & image:
This is the name of your fridge, any logos or symbols you use, and even the colours and styles you choose. It's the "face" of your community fridge. So when people see your logo or colours, they'll instantly think of the good work you're doing.

Make sure you use the same logo, colours, and style across everything related to your fridge – be it posters, social media, or even T-shirts for volunteers. This consistency makes it easier for people to recognise you.

Emotional connection:
When your community sees your branding, you want them to feel something – maybe it's a sense of trust, warmth, or community spirit. Good branding can help create and strengthen these feelings.

Your branding isn't just about looking good; it's a promise to your community. It tells them what they can expect from your community fridge – like fresh food, a welcoming environment, or support from someone they trust.

Engagement & interaction:
Branding isn't just static; it's also about how you interact with the community. This means how you communicate on social media, the tone of your messages, the events you hold, and the way you engage with people. All these touchpoints should align with your brand's personality.

In simpler terms, think of branding as the story and image you want your community to think of when they hear about your fridge. It's like setting the stage so when someone walks past or hears about the community fridge, they instantly know what it's all about and why it's special.

A high school student picking out some fresh fruit and vegetable items from a community fridge.

What's available for branding?

From our library:

Highlighting key information, upcoming events, or specific needs of the fridge.

Leaflets: Distributable materials for community outreach and awareness.

Clear, visible indicators for fridge operations, do's and don'ts, and more.

Digital assets:
For online promotions on social media, community forums, and more.

Using ready-made designs on CANVA:

We've got designs ready for you! And if you want, you can add your own touch. Here's how:

  1. Choose & Change: Go to our CANVA page (click here or try the link below). 
  2. Pick a design and change words or colors if you want.
  3. Print or Share: Once you're happy, you can print it out or share it online.

Tips for a fab fridge look:

Where to put: Stick posters where they're easy to see.

Keep It fresh:
Change out old posters with new ones now and then.

Ask around:
See what your friends and neighbors think of the designs. Overtime you may need to keep things up to date and looking fresh.

Keep similar colors and pictures on all items, so people know they're from the same fridge.

Someone cutting a ribbon at a new Community Fridge opening event.
Ready to Get Started? Want your fridge to be the talk of the town? Head over to our CANVA page and get going on those designs!
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Absolutely! Incorporating familiar community symbols can strengthen the connection and recognition. Just ensure you have the rights or permissions to use them.

Not at all! CANVA is pretty simple. Pick a design you like, and if you want, change a few things. When you're happy, you can print or share. And if you ever get stuck, they have helpful guides to show you around.

Our designs are made using CANVA's free version. So, you can edit and download them without any cost. Some extra fancy bits on CANVA might cost, but you don't need them for our designs.

No worries! CANVA is made for everyone. And if you ever get a bit tangled up, ask a friend or drop us a message. We're here to help!

Absolutely! Our designs are there as a starting point. If you want to change a few words, colors, or add a special message, go for it!

This depends on your budget. Most community fridges will use a local printing company handle their printing needs. This means everything is produced professionally and they can also give you advice on the types of materials which work best.

It's a good idea to swap them out now and then. Maybe when there's a new event, or when the seasons change. Keeps things fresh and interesting!

A standard A4 size works well for most places. But if you have a big space and want something larger, A3 is also good.

Once you've made any changes to a design on CANVA, there's an option to download or share directly to social media. Click on the social media you want, like Facebook, and it'll guide you.

How can you cater to your visitors?

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