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Two people stood next to an open fridge full of food at one of Hubbub's Community Fridges.
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Printable designs for your fridge

These printable resources are designed by Hubbub to help you make the most of your community fridge. Some must be displayed as part of health and safety protocol while others are optional and can be used to share helpful info and get the word out about your fridge.

The following document contains a list of all materials we provide, with information and links to each one.

What a quick overview? Scroll down to see some of the editable assets. 

A3 Health and safety disclaimer

It’s important that you make the disclaimer clearly visible to your visitors. Add your fridge name into the first paragraph.

A4 ‘Take what you need’ poster

It can be helpful to remind people to be considerate when taking food from your fridge.

A4 Log reminder poster

Helpful reminders like this can make your log forms as accurate as possible, contributing to your reported impact.

A3 opening hours poster

Visitors will find it helpful to have your opening hours clearly displayed at your fridge.

A3 Welcome poster design #1 

These posters feature a simple explainer on what community fridges are and why they’re set up. This can be helpful for people who are new to the community fridge concept.

A3 Fridge info poster design #1

Use the posters to share opening times and useful info while welcoming people to your fridge.

A3 Fridge info poster design #2

An alternative design for sharing info about your fridge.

A3 ‘Food redistributed’ poster

Use this poster to celebrate the amount of food you re-distribute each month. Tip: Laminate the poster so you can update each month without re-printing

‘Open, share, eat me’ stickers

Use these stickers as a playful way to signpost people around your fridge space and add a splash of colour.