A smooth switch to a reusable cup

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A smooth switch to a reusable cup

Every second, we go through 103 coffee cups here in the UK (stacked on top of each other, this reaches the height of Big Ben after just 10 seconds, and the Eiffel Tower after 30). Currently, under 4% of these are recycled – the rest got to landfill or get burned. Gulp! What makes it tricky is that they are lined with a plastic film to stop liquids leaking and they need their own bin so that they can be recycled separately and receive special treatment. Plus - left over coffee and milk in the cups can contaminate an entire recycling bin!

Hubbub is working hard to ensure more coffee cups and drinks containers end get recycled through our campaign #InTheLoop, that has supported cup recycling projects across the UK.

However, if you buy hot drinks regularly the best option is to switch to a reusable. We know it isn’t as easy, convenience is king and it’s easy to forget, so here are our 4 top tips to make a smoother switch:

These tips are part of something bigger. At Hubbub, we want to see a world where everyone makes choices that are good for the environment. Check out what we do and how your actions add up.

1) Find a cup as cool as you

The huge range of designs and styles means you can truly espresso yourself with your cup, and feel good about using it. Check out Ocean Bottle, Ecoffee Cup, KeepCup, Huskee, and rCup's to name just a few. The Telegraph has also listed their best reusable cups, and provides a neat review of the different features. For example, leak proof cups to throw in your bag for your commute, or if your bag is already stuffed, collapsible cups compact enough for your pocket!

2) Remember your reusable

If you're the forgetful type, try setting a reminder on your phone that will alert you the same time each morning to remember it. Out of sight means out of mind, so keep your cup visible next to other ‘must remember’ items like your house keys and phone. It might even be that you keep a reusable cup at the ready in several places – on your desk at work, stashed in the car - so you’re less likely to be caught out.

Listen to this jingle and you'll never forget your cup again! #GrabYourCup

3) The best discounts for reusables

That’s right, using a reusable can lead to more coffee, and even free coffee! Pret and PAUL give you 50p off your coffee when you bring your own cup, Costa give you an extra ‘bean’ on their loyalty scheme (8 beans = a free drink!), Greggs knocks off 20p, Leon give you 45p off, and Caffe Nero offers double loyalty stamps in many of their locations. Starbucks has a 25p discount, as well as the cheapest reusable on the market for just £1 – it also looks just like their usual cups if you’re in it for the full Star-B experience!

4) Reuse reuse reuse

We may be stating the obvious here, but for a reusable cup to actually be better for the environment than a disposable, you have to reuse it! Depending on the material it’s made from, it can take between 15-100 uses for it to be saving on carbon emissions, so grab it as often as you can and enjoy those coffees! #GrabYourCup

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