10 tips for unbeatable make-up this pride season

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10 tips for unbeatable make-up this Pride season

Just getting started with make-up? Consider yourself a seasoned expert but always on the hunt for tips? We’ve pulled together some of our top-tips for make-up and trying out new looks and products this pride season. Have fun experimenting and let us know if any are missing with #GreenWithPride.

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With so many options out there it might feel like you need to invest in lots of products to even begin. But really, a few classics are all you need to glam up your look – a good mascara, well-applied eyeliner and a bold coloured lipstick will give you instant glam up with minimal investment. Once you’re comfortable with those you can expand your make-up collection and try out some new things!

YouTube and TikTok are full of tutorials to help you achieve the right look. They can also give you a better idea of the products you need so you don’t buy stuff without knowing how to use it. Can’t get a look to work? Don’t worry! See if you can find a different video that explains the look better or ditch that look and go for something new.

Whilst fabulous, glitter is a big source of microplastic pollution and even biodegradable glitter doesn’t break down properly without very specific conditions. See if you can swap it out for colourful make up or let your outfit shine instead.

You don’t need to buy every colour nail polish – buy one or two you really like and share them with friends! Same can go for make-up brushes, body paint and hair products. Be careful not to share make-up products that touch your eyes, as that can lead to eye infections, not a good look for anybody.

Some products can be used for a couple of different things, so make them work harder! A lipstick can double up as a blush, saving you the money on an extra product.

Things like applying nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick require you to learn skills as complex as learning to draw! Take your time to sit down, practice and have fun. Don’t worry too much if you colour outside the lines at first, you can always clean the area up with a cotton bud or show off your first attempt with pride.

Some brands or stores will stock samples of some of their products so it’s always worth asking about those before committing. You’ll be able to try a product for a fraction of the cost and if it doesn’t work out you won’t have wasted as much money or packaging!

Not sure what that brush is used for? Struggling to find the right shade of concealer for you? With so much choice it's easy to be confused by what’s out there. Instead of taking a stab in the dark don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert. Whether it’s the shop salesperson or your best mate, asking for help can save you time and money.

Brands have come a long way in recent years to be more sustainable. Look for labels and credentials like ‘Cruelty Free’, ‘Vegan’ and ‘Plastic Free Packaging’ to get an idea of how conscious a brand is. Some brands have a packaging return scheme showing that they are taking responsibility for the plastic they produce.

Bonus tip

Always do a skin test / spot test beforehand. You never know if you might react badly to a product.

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