The difference made in 2023

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The difference made in 2023

By Alex Robinson, 1st March 2024

Imagine a society where 'common sense' meant always making the environmentally-friendly choice.

A society where people who might be divided on everything else would agree that a thriving natural world is not just necessary, but desirable.

A society, in other words, in which 'the environment' was treated a bit like 'the economy' is now.

Does that sound wildly unrealistic? It's certainly a long way off, with culture wars driving deep divides over issues such as net zero. But it's what we're aiming for.

When you add up all of our work at Hubbub, the ultimate goal is to shift our culture in the UK to one that’s inspired and enabled to act for a greener and fairer world - and even demands it. Not in 2050, but today.

Stat: We delivered 49 projects with 1113 partners
Two black women stand outside and lean in towards one an other, smiling as they hold potted plants.

Our latest impact report is designed to be devoured in a single sitting: short, punchy, and packed full of stories and insights about how we worked towards that goal in 2023.

You'll find a whole range of approaches here, from behaviour change trials to community-led regeneration projects; funding for innovation to funny, thought-provoking communications.

Through each of these projects we aim to demonstrate the appetite from the public for bold and immediate environmental action, and to use our insights and evidence to give those in positions of power the confidence to make it happen.

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Stat: We helped over 6m people think differently about an environmental issue, and over 700k take action on it

This year we're proud to celebrate a decade of bringing bright ideas and positive action to environmental issues. None of it has been on our own; every Hubbub project is a collaboration. Thank you to everyone who chose to work with us last year, we really couldn’t have done any of it without you.

As you flip through, we hope you find something that sparks your imagination. Because this report isn't just a testament to what we've achieved in the last year; it's a springboard for the impact we can create together in 2024 and beyond. So, explore these stories, find inspiration and share your thoughts – we'd love to hear your ideas about what we do next.

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