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We base all our work on research and insight gathered from data, polls and conversations. We open source everything we discover and what we do so that others can learn and build on it too. Here you can dig into our research reports and polling data.

Unfolding the UK's laundry habits

Hubbub X W’air research into the the missing piece of the sustainable fashion: the environmental impact of cleaning and caring for our clothes.

9th June 2021

Environmental impact of working from home

How responsible are employers for supporting employees with home-working sustainably? Our research investigates.

24th March 2021

Public attitudes towards the environment - New Year

Environment ranked more important than romance in New Years resolutions, what else did our polling reveal?

5th January 2021

A post-covid road map for a greener fashion future

What government intervention is needed to fix fast fashion? This report, backed by cross-party MPs lays out key recommendations, supported by changes in consumer habits and attitudes.

15th September 2020

Hubbub's 'Greenprint' for a better Britain

Understanding the public mood post-COVID and Hubbub's practical policy proposals in response to what we heard from British public, businesses and local authorities.

8th September 2020

Environmental attitudes in a Covid world

How has the covid pandemic impacted the public's attitudes on littering, plastic pollution, gardening and water saving? This polling reveals all.

22nd July 2020

The impact of Covid-19 restrictions on what we eat

State of the nation's plate: how are Covid-19 restrictions changing Britain's relationship with food?

20th April 2020

Christmas jumpers, fast fashion and plastic

12 million Christmas jumpers are set to be bought this year (2019) and most are made of plastic. What does this research mean for the environment?

6th December 2019

Air pollution and corporate responsibility

British workers expect better from bosses on air pollution.

19th September 2019