Quickest and Easiest World Book Day costumes

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Quickest and easiest World Book Day costumes

Need a costume for your little one's World Book Day celebrations at school? Most can be rustled up with a little imagination and sellotape, so no need to spend on something they'll grow out of by next year!

Readymade costumes are usually a go-to in order to save time, so we've pulled together some easy-peasy homemade ideas that will save you the time and the money. Largely made from 'day-to-day' clothes, hopefully you'll already have these bits around the home somewhere! And as most readymade costumes are made largely from plastic, skipping them is a more sustainable choice too.

But before you even bother making a new costume, could last year's Halloween costume be used in some way? E.g. a witch costume could be used for any fictional witches like in 'Room on the Broom', Roald Dahl's 'Witches', 'The Worst Witch'...

And then here are our other easy wins.

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1) Matilda

All you need for the marvellous Matilda is a dress (ideally blue) and a ribbon in the hair (ideally red). If she's holding a pile of books, even better.

2) Harry Potter

No need for magic spells, transform into a wizard with this easy and super cheap tutorial for turning big t-shirts into wizards’ robes and see the magic come to life. A scar drawn on the forehead or fake round glasses could be the finishing touch.

3) Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Greg Heffley? Easy peasy. Simply dress in a plain t shirt, shorts, trainers and backpack, then print out a picture of Greg's illustrated face to make a mask (backing it on cardboard from a cereal box or something will help keep it sturdy).

4) Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs

You guessed it! Normal clothes, and a little bucket full of plastic dinosaurs. Works perfectly if your child's toy collection already includes these.

5) Goldilocks and the 3 bears

Saved by the toy box again? Any dress will do, paired with 3 teddy bears, or a (make-believe) bowl of porridge.

6) Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter

Ah, the pleasure of fictional children that just dress like, well, children. All you need for Horrid Henry is jeans, a blue jumper (you can add the yellow stripes with some strips of card if you want to), and messy hair. A piece of paper printed with the purple hand gang flag and taped on a stick could finish off the look.

Perfect peter, of course comes in grey trousers, a white shirt and red jumper. For some, this might be practically their school uniform already! Have a copy of a Horrid Henry book in their hand for quicker ID. Works great alone, or especially with siblings who want to dress as a pair to be more recognisable.

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