No Time for Waste Challenge

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No Time for Waste Challenge

The No Time for Waste Challenge led by Tesco and delivered by Hubbub was a six-week pilot supporting 53 diverse households from across the country in their efforts to save money and cut food waste in summer 2020.

Of the households that reported saving money during the period, there was an average reported saving of £16.50 per week. These savings appeared to have continued after the challenge was completed. One month later we caught up with the participants, 94% said that they were wasting less food than before the pilot, while 78% said that they were spending less money on food.

Why food waste? Let’s zoom in on the issue

  1. Majority of food waste happens in the home.

    Around a third of all food produced is wasted (World Food Programme), with 71% of edible food waste in the UK happening in the home (WRAP).

  2. It has a huge environmental cost.

    Many resources such as water, fuel and pesticides go into growing, transporting and storing our food. This adds up to a huge environmental impact for food that’s never eaten.

  3. And a big financial cost too.

    Food waste isn’t just damaging to the environment – it's hard on our wallets too. In fact, WRAP estimates that the average UK household could save £60 a month by reducing the amount of food thrown away.

How did we run the challenge?

We delivered the No Time for Waste Challenge in partnership with Tesco to help everyone get on top of food waste. At the heart of our approach was an ambition to make reducing food waste at home easy, practical and fun.    The Challenge offered simple tips, hacks and tools that can help us all to keep perfectly good food from the bin, save money and do our bit for the environment.  

We then developed a challenge with tips and hacks anyone can take to plan meals perfectly, store food so that it lasts longer, and eat all the food that they buy.

The Challenge was tried and tested with Tesco customer households, who found that it slashed their food waste and saved them time and money.

What difference did we make?

The results of the No Time for Waste Challenge pilot showed some promising changes in behaviour. These were taken over the trial period with:

  • 94% wasting less food
  • 78% spending less money on food
  • £16.50  per week saved on average

The group found the experience enjoyable and informative, and many found that it saved time in their busy lives, improved family time together and reduced stress.

How can you get involved?

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