How to recycle your bathroom products

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How to recycle your bathroom products

There might be one last step to add to your skincare routine... Currently only 50% of us recycle in the bathroom, and when we’re going through 120 billion units of beauty packaging a year (Inside Packaging), that’s a lot being missed!

One of the most important things for recycling beauty and bathroom packaging is that it should be clean and empty, so here are some simple tips to get the most out of the product, and then the packaging.

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1) Flip it

When you’re coming to the end, turn your product upside down to help collect the last bits – may take minutes, or even overnight!

2) Soak it

Soak the container in a bowl of hot water to help soften the product, this is great for thicker products like balms, and makes them easier to get out.

3) Chop off the top

Still think there’s something in there? Chop off the top of tubes and scoop out any leftover into a reusable/travel container.

4) Rinse it

Hopefully you’ve got almost everything out, but give them a quick shake with some hot water and soap, or pop them in with your dishes to make sure they’re clean.

5) Double check

Some products will have different components, which can make it harder to recycle, for example pumps and metal lids. A ‘recyclable’ label also isn’t the same as ‘widely recycled’ as councils will usually only accept widely recycled materials. Check the packaging for both and make sure to separate if needed!

6) Bin Ready

Now it’s ready to recycle! Start collecting empty packaging in your bathroom in a separate bin, or if you don’t have floor space, a tote bag hung on the back of the door is a handy and nicer looking alternative! You could also take things straight down to your kitchen recycling, but this just makes it easier to remember.


This content was created in collaboration with Kiehl's. Find out more about their upgraded ‘Recycle and Reward’ scheme where you can recycle any beauty packaging in-store.

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