How to make a DIY Christmas jumper

A bearded man wearing an ugly knitted Christmas jumper with a big Rudolph on the front. He is mid way through dancing in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace.
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How to make a DIY Christmas jumper

Each year, millions of us search for the perfect Christmas jumper to celebrate the novelty Christmas Jumper Day with friends, colleagues and family. However, with two out of five Christmas jumpers only being worn once over the festive period, it's a prime example of fast fashion as it takes a lot of resources to create clothes that are rarely worn.

This year, save money and temporarily transform a jumper you already have, so you can join in the joy without costing your bank account or the planet.

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Make your own sustainable Christmas jumper

Grab a jumper you already own and get crafty by adding some temporary decorations. This is a chance to be creative and can be a fun activity to do with kids too. By adding temporary decorations, you can still use your jumper the rest of the year and stop it becoming one-wear fast fashion. Need some ideas? We got you:

  1. Wrap and pin tinsel to your jumper for the quickest most dazzling transformation!
  2. Wrap battery fairy lights round a jumper for an interactive outfit that you can switch on and off to impress.
  3. Pin some Christmas decorations like baubles, holly or jingle bells in a pattern on the front of your jumper.
  4. "Gift" yourself a sustainable jumper by sticking bows and ribbons on to make a giant present!
  5. Get snipping and make paper snowflake shapes to stick on your jumper.
  6. Make a novelty jumper with old christmas cards pinned on it.
  7. Pin your Christmas stocking to your jumper for the day! Bonus points if you have candy canes in there that you hand out!
  8. If you are up for a more permanent transformation of an old jumper, you could sew or paint a design on! Felt is great for cutting shapes out of stars, Christmas trees or snowmen, and you can sew on decorations to be more secure.

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