DIY Christmas decorations

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DIY Christmas decorations

The easiest way to decorate the house for the festive season is definitely to pull out everything from the year before (and it's free!) but if you fancy a refresh, there are plenty of cheap DIY decorations you can make. Pull the kids, housemates or anyone else together to make these as a bonding activity - you'll make some mess, some memories, and some mega decorations!

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To burn off any festive energy, combine wreath making with a big outdoor walk where you can challenge your excited elves into a twig collecting competition to create their very own nature wreath by tying or gluing sticks to a wreath or heart-shaped ring (an old coat hanger will do the job). Nature wreath tutorial here.

Dig out those ragged old clothes the children have grown out of, the ones that have more holes than a snowflake! Free up space and give these old clothes a new life by cutting into strips to tie around a metal ring which you can buy online or make out of an old metal hanger. Reward small hands with a hot chocolate as you create the ultimate festive eco-assembly line to create beautiful wreaths we think you can actually leave up all year round. Rag wreath tutorial here.

There's plenty of fun alternatives to tinsel, from paper chains and bunting to popcorn strings. Check out more inspo here.

You don't need to spend loads on new decorations each year, there's tonnes of fun (and plastic free) things you can make at home. Check out some of these.

Ever made a pom pom? Once you start, you can't stop. They're so simple, and that final chop that makes them circular is so addictive! All you need is some yarn, you might have some hidden in the house somewhere already – or check out your local charity shops. Check out how to do it here, and then get creative with colours, details and more.

Make gift wrapping part of the fun by wrapping gifts in kraft paper or newspaper and decorating with festive fingerprint creatures. Washable paint is a top tip for this afternoon of fingerpainting fun! Or even do reusable wrapping, with old fabric scraps, shawls and scarves.

When it comes to gift tags, cut up last year’s Christmas cards with crinkle cut scissors, punch a hole and tie on with old ribbon or string. Don’t want anything to go to waste? If anyone was wondering how to upcycle their peanut shells... look no further than these super cute reindeer gift tags.

Did you know glittery and shimmery cards can't be recycled, even though they look like paper? Skip the spending and the shimmer with some DIY cards this year. Use doodles, photos, finger paints or anything else you have to make some unique cards for your friends and family.

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