Preparing for launch day

Two people cutting a ribbon to open a new Community Fridge.
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Preparing for launch day

Launching your community fridge is an exciting moment, a culmination of your hard work and dedication. It's essential to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, making it memorable for everyone involved. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your launch day is a success:

1. Plan ahead

  • Set the date: Choose a day that's convenient for most people, like a weekend or public holiday.
  • Invitations: Send out invites to local residents, businesses, and press. Don't forget digital invitations via email and social media.

2. Set the scene

  • Decorate: Consider decorating the fridge and surrounding area with banners, balloons, or any other decorations that fit the theme.
  • Signage: Make sure all necessary signs are in place, guiding visitors on fridge usage and rules.

3. Engage the community

  • Live demonstrations: Have volunteers on hand to demonstrate how the fridge works and answer any questions.
  • Activities: Organise community-engaging activities, perhaps a cookout using donated items or kids' food art competitions.

4. Spread the word

  • Press and media: Reach out to local media, newspapers, and radio stations to cover the event.
  • Social media: Go live on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to share the launch with those who couldn't make it.

5. Acknowledge and thank

  • Gratitude: Express your gratitude to everyone who supported the initiative. Consider short speeches or tokens of appreciation for key partners and volunteers.
  • Feedback: Have a feedback booth or forms available for visitors to share their thoughts and suggestions.

6. Stay prepared

  • Backup plans: Just like any event, have backup plans in place in case of unexpected issues, like bad weather.
  • Safety first: Ensure safety measures are in place, with clear pathways, first aid kits, and emergency contacts at hand.

Top tips 

Promotion: Use eye-catching posters around the community leading up to the launch day.

Consider collaborating with local artists or musicians to add an entertainment touch to your launch.

A group of people dressed in traditional African clothing celebrating the launch of a community fridge in Manchester.


Ideally, begin preparations 3-4 weeks in advance, ensuring ample time for promotion and coordination.

If outdoors, consider setting up tents or marquees. Alternatively, have a backup indoor venue or reschedule date.

Draft a compelling press release, highlighting the community benefits and any unique aspects of your fridge project.

The countdown begins!

As you prep for your big day, remember that this is a celebration of community spirit and togetherness. Embrace the day with enthusiasm, and here's to a fantastic launch and an even brighter future for your community fridge!