Communicating your project 

Two people stood next to an open fridge full of food at one of Hubbub's Community Fridges.
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Spreading the word

Setting up a community fridge is fantastic, but it's even better when people know about it. That's why promoting your fridge is so important. It helps to let people know that the fridge is there for them to use, when and how they can use it (especially important for those who’ve never heard of a community fridge before) AND it can also attract funding support.

Local organisations

Working with other organisations can help you spread the word. Maybe they can mention your fridge in their newsletters or on their own social media. This could be other community groups, local businesses, housing associations or even the local council. Start small - Ask local shops or cafes if you can pop a little flyer or poster in their window.

Good old local news  

Local newspapers or radio stations love heartwarming community stories. Maybe they'll feature a little story about your fridge or can help raise awareness of your launch event. Make sure you reach out make yourself known.

Set clear opening hours

Finally, make sure people know when and how they can use the fridge. Put your full address, opening hours and contact information on your social media and website pages (and any other places people might look). You can even add your fridge to Google Maps, so people can easily find you.

"The trick is to simply ask, get people involved right from the start. It could be as simple as asking local schools to contribute artwork or asking for ideas on how to decorate your fridge. The point is to make the community feel like this is their project, not just something that's being dropped into their neighbourhood."

Beth Rice, Repton Community Fridge

Top tip

Ensure that all promotional materials (flyers, social media pages, newsletters) are consistent with the branding guidelines you’ve established – this ensures immediate recognition and trust.


Regular updates, maybe once or twice a week to keep your audience engaged. Share special events, thank-yous, or even just sunny day snaps!

Absolutely! While digital methods are great, word of mouth, local newspapers, or community bulletin boards are equally fantastic. If you’re still not keen to try social media why not find a member of the community who is to try and support you?

Want some inspiration? Head over to social media channels like Instagram and search for #Communityfridge

Ready to let everyone know?

Your community fridge is a fantastic local resource. Share it far and wide. If you need some tips or additional resources to get the word out, try asking for advice on our CFN Facebook page. Let's ensure everyone in the community knows about and can benefit from your fridge.